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I am here, still waiting at the end of my shore

Standing my ground and waiting for you to come back home

Holding on to the promise that we both once thought was sure

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But now I’m left here alone with nothing more”


Those crippling words that creeps in my mind

A promise of a lifetime that made me blind

Blind to see the end of what we thought we could be

Bleeds my heart far more painful than a sting of a bee”


Am I really that blind that I did not see—

That this will eventually happen for you and me?

Could this really be the end of the suddenly

With a suddenly of words not less than three”


“Maybe it’s fate the devised the end

To end those beautiful times we’ve spend

All of these dreams I’ve built with you

A futile vision that left me blue”


As I lay my heart out in the sand

Wishing to hold your gentle hand

Trusting and waiting for you to reappear

Crossing through oceans without a fear”

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