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I really like how your lips form a smile,
and how you flash your perfect teeth,
I really like how your eyes mirrors an image of mine,
and how it shines like a sun in the dawn,

I really like how your adams apple move as you gulp water,
and how handsome you are as I am gazing at it from a far,
I really like how thick your eyebrows and lashes are,
how your sweat fall on the ground,

How cute you look when you gain some weight,
And how gorgeous you are when you’re losing weight,

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do you know what I love about you?

I love the way you speak,
I love the way you seek,
not me nor anyone but He,
He that sacrifices his life to save us from our sins.

I love the way you pray,
The way you praise Him,
And your gentleness and fierce way of obeying Him, 

And doing the right thing.

I love how you love the Lord,
I love your heart to everyone,
and how you see Him,
and how you make Him the center of your life,

That’s what I love about you,
And that makes me love you.

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