COVID-19 is not THE PANDEMIC disease in our society. Did you know that SOCIAL DISTANCING exists for decades? Wherein there’s a SOCIAL DISTANCE between the white and black men, and justice is for those who can afford to pay for it. Wherein the famous brainwashes the unknown to make bad things seem like lovely ones. And the rich, educated themselves to rob the poor. Wherein the politicians run for a position and power and neglects those who put him on that place eventually. And the topmost manipulates the marginalized. That being safe is only for those who can buy it. Can you tell me how can underprivileged people run through this race? When they don’t even have anything to shut their stomachs from yelling? When they don’t have anything to protect themselves? When they are shouting yet remains unheard? How can they finish the line when they are running with bare feet? And the roads get tougher to cross on because of the broken glasses were scattered by those who are leading this run? COVID-19 is not THE PANDEMIC disease in our society. Rather, it is a magnifying glass. It helps to see what our naked eyes can’t see. We have been being blinded for so long. Can’t you see the real situation? It is a chaotic world, people are selfish and greedy. Educated people take advantage of the ignorants. Everyone digs their own grave. Indeed, It’s a survival of the fittest. It’s NOT the COVID-19 that kills millions of people. Not even any viruses and diseases. It’s everyone’s selfishness and greediness does kill society. This is the real PANDEMIC! Which makes us rotten while still being alive! It’s INHUMANITY!

-Jabeza Eli

Photo CTTO