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The word appreciation is very simple but it has a big impact to everyone that surrounds us, how we act and the way we speak; anyone will know if we are sincere or not. I used to remember how I’m always complaining about the things that I don’t have, even including the things that I have. I feel like it’s not enough and most of the time I asked God why I needed to experience certain situations in my life which I don’t even understand the purpose behind them. And I don’t get any answers from Him. At some point in my life, I feel so empty and God is too far that I can’t reach Him. Everything is routinary and I even ask myself what’s my purpose in life. This life cycle is killing me.

One day, I was given the chance to know Jesus in the most unexpected way. I’m still a freshman during that time and meeting a random stranger change my point of view in life. My memory is still fresh and I remember that I was just enjoying the view while breathing some fresh air when someone approached me under that big Talisay tree. She was really nice and then she started sharing about Jesus. From then on, I became curious and I wanted to know Jesus on a deeper level.

Appreciation is one of the values I learned as I walk my journey with Him. I realized a lot of things in my life and one of which is that it’s not all about material things. I learned to appreciate every single thing that God gave me; from the moment I wake up in the morning, I can’t help but thank Him for giving me another chance to continue my story. I am grateful for the people around me, those who stayed even if I’m on the lowest point of my life, friends who never left despite their busy schedule and especially those who left for good, for I gained a lot of lessons that I know I can use in the future. All the more I appreciate God because whatever I’ve been through in life, He never let me go nor give up on me.

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We all have a choice and it’s really up to us; I don’t know when exactly God changed my perspective in life but I love the result. True joy comes from appreciating the little things; how we see things outside and most importantly from deep within, that’s why it truly matters how we think…

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