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Dear You,

I’ve learned a lot from what we had yesterday.
You taught me grace. You taught me love.
You taught me patience. You taught me hope.
I’ve been growing because of what we had yesterday.

And because of you leaving, I found more of myself.
I found my strengths, I found my passion.
I’ve discovered my Achilles’ heel and learned to fight.
And that’s because of your uncertain heart.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I grew to be braver and stronger because of you.
I lived with contentment and freedom without you.
I thrived in life’s battles and waves without you.
I discovered a new life in me because of you.

And because of your uncertainty,
I was preserved for the one.
For the one who gladly took the risk
Of breaking the walls of uncertainty.

Again, thank you for not staying.
The scars you left served as marks of God’s grace.
Again, thank you for not being sure.
The days you were gone gave me a whole new life.

In my loss, I found Him.
In my sorrow, I found joy.
In my fears, I found peace.
In my nothing, I found everything.

Thank you for choosing to let go.
Thank you for being gone once and for all.
It gave me time to grow and develop
For myself and for the one who gladly took the risk.



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