Dear You,

I wonder how it happened. But it started somewhere. Everything starts at somewhere…

Somewhere between my mind and my heart, I found something wonderful. Something that made me believe again.

Somewhere along the aisle of my life, I found your words. Your words that was tested through time.

Somewhere between my what ifs and maybes, I found your actions. Your actions that prove your words to me.

Somewhere along the detours and bus stops, I found your patience. Your patience that showed your actions were real.

Somewhere between my failures and success, I found your grace. Your grace that glistens the patience you’ve got from Him.

Somewhere along the chambers of my heart, I found love. Your love that reflects His grace to me.

Somewhere between my No and Yes, I found you.
You who took the risk to know me and love me despite all odds.

Everything starts at somewhere but having you started with Him giving you to me as a gift I’ve never expected.

You are one of a kind and somewhere between the lines of my story, I’ve started to love you… And I will always choose that story of loving you. Always. 🙂