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The mere thought of you makes my heart beat so fast, along with this longing that would always last,
To be by your side i yearn to be,your guardian angel from this world ever loving to thee
I’ll kiss every single scar on your body and soul,knowing i’ll always be here for you to call
I pray those eyes of yours would never shed a tear
But should it do i hope it would be of joy and not pain nor fear

Despite everything others have said about you, your hair, your face, your eyes, your body and every single part of you,
It doesn’t affect one bit of How Gorgeous You Really Are,
You’re so Worth it in Every Way and I pray you’ll see it everyday

I’ll unfailingly love you,proud of the things you’ll achieve
When you are down and alone remember in you I’ll always believe
Stand strong my dearest, fearless of the things to come
I know you’ll be that Gorgeous Lady, The Queen you are meant to become

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Such kindness you’ve shown to the world that the angels stand in awe,
How perfect you are despite all your pain and flaws,
You lit up my world and brought joy to my soul
that i long for your presence whenever you’re away
Just as i have drawn strength from you i hope you’ll do the same my dear,
All may leave you in dismay but deeply i pray that you may see the beauty of each and every day

The birds in the sky follow you wherever you go,even the sweet breeze of dawn long to be in your loving arms,
the moon peaks at your window just to catch a glimpse of your lovely sight,
For even the stars in the sky are jealous of your lustrous soul
Yet this world is not a place for someone like you, for it is designed to break your heart and tear your apart,
so whenever rain is at your door and wherever you may be,
please remember i wil always be here, a soul like yours that you can find a family and home

You are Loved, Worthy and Special that the Universe with all its beauty and resplendence lives in every part of you,
Yet remember not all would grasp your Beauty for it’s only destined to those Worthy enough and cherish it also as a reflection of their own,
How Blessed I am to have witness this and be loved by you that I wish of no Universe nor Existence if in this Life of Mine there was no you

I’d seek you in every universe just to hold your hand
For you i did eons ago as our souls are entangled in this saudade no one can understand
When in doubt, remember that God with His Perfection and Glory didn’t waste His time creating the exquisite intricacies of who you are and what you mean to me

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