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Late night talks


Late night talks are fun when talking to you.

We can tell stories that are far beyond topics.

It allows us to be open and share our deep thoughts.

Fears, disappointments nor dreams.

In these late night talks we created a safe space.

Your vulnerability, your soft heartedness and your wild mind.

All of it became part of me.

Day by day It grows like a tree.

Which somehow it questions the thoughts of me. 

Am I allowed to ask for more?

Longing for more, not just chatting.

I’m yearning to talk to you in person.

When laughter or tears are freely expressed.

I wanna hear your voice clearly even if we stay late.

I wanna hear your stories about the epicness of the day.

So, we can cry and laugh until we don’t want to part ways.

It’s fine with me.


Late night talks are fun when talking to you.

I love dreaming of having you this moment.  .

Lasting dream that allows me to talk to  you.

In these late night talks I feel the warmth even though you’re miles apart.

These may be a fantasy but help me to find you in reality.

I may not be able to hold you for eternity but tell me to wake up in this imaginary.

So, when I wake up.

It will allow me to shallow the reality that cannot be with me.

It’s scary but late night talks are merely a fantasy. 

That allows people to connect in the realm.

That would let them escape reality. 


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