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The subtleties of your beauty is an understatement for who you really are,
for none save thee the universe longs about,
if you could only see your ethereal grace,
your existence in this world none can replace

For I couldn’t see anyone the way that I see thee,
I know in every reality and universe I would never find anyone like you,
each and every single part of you is a painting of the macrocosm,
the belle of all flowers and its blossom

Thou my dear is the walking miracle of Divine Essence,
that all of me effaces in your presence,
Angels envy thee of thy transcendent allure,
a heart never yet seen ever gorgeous and pure

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The sun rises just to be lit up by your smile
And the gentle touch of summer’s breeze yearn for your loving embrace,
The comforts of Heaven to me are but vain,
as in this soul of mine your love is more than enough and will never wane

The thought of you lingers in my eyes while your name resides in the kernel of my heart,
As I miss you, all of me becomes my heart and as i catch a glimpse of you this corporeal form becomes my eyes,
Let me stay by your side, in your heart shall i abide,
for every trials and sufferings that comes just know you’ll be safe in my arms,

take me as a guiding star that will lead you right,
your rainbow after the rain your unwavering light

To ask me why I would always be here for you and why I love you is a paradox i can’t answer,
For how can i not love the twin of my soul, the one that brings joy to my very being

you’re the emanation of the quintessence of why I existed, that without you everything else is oblivious and wasted

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