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His eyes are the paradise

Which I do not want to look,

For I want to never sink again,

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

And fall deeply.

His eyes are the windows

Which I do not want to look,

For I should have known it,

The magic of his charms.

I once captivated by it,

And never want it again.

His dimples are the crowd’s favorite

His deep imperfections,

Which actually the perfects for me,

That i do not want to see anymore,

For I should have been over,

From the moment he told me,

That I can’t be his princess,

That he can’t hold on to his promises anymore,

That soon I’ll be better without him.

His flaws and sins and weaknesses,

Pains and tears,

Telling me to stop,

Are reasons to stay.

Those imperfections that I do not want to know,

For each time I knew them,

I understand over again,

I love him more, again.

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