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I was tossed by the wind,
The storms of life pushed and pulled me,
Its hurdles challenged me.
Then, I found myself lost in the dark,
Broken, shattered, and crushed,
Nowhere to go, no one else to call,
But when I lifted up my eyes,
I saw a light,
A bright light that lit up the darkness around me.
I saw Your hands reaching out to me,
Calling me by my name,
Telling me that you love me.
How precious am I in your sight, O Lord,
You have loved me even at my worst,
You have shown me my worth,
You have made me a new,
You have given me life.
Now, I will rejoice, I will sing praises to you.
For I was once lost, but now I am found,
I was once broken, but now made whole,
And now this is my prayer, “Lord, help me to love just like how you loved me.”

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