Couldn’t exactly remember
Yet also couldn’t forget
How your mind stutter
Breathing like no ends met
Smile so rare, most wonder
Where your heart’s set

Couldn’t exactly remember
Yet also wouldn’t forget
How you refuse to utter
Words others may wrongly get
Such ignornace run further
But you feel bliss never yet

I could exactly remember
Though I might forget
How your lips linger
Telling me to keep my feet
For falling you relish no longer
And mirrors became a treat

I could exactly remember
And I refuse to forget
How your ears talk better
Your world now fragrant to fret
Colors under your skin like no other
Cause you always matter, and no not yet

Maybe, in most moments than not, you ask yourself, “Why can’t I be just like them?” Like them, fitting in, blending and belonging to some place, some people or to something because you feel like you’re an outlier standing out from everyone but just the worst kind. You feel so lonely, like an accidental dot in an art. Well, maybe you are in this life or even in your next life and the next one, too. You don’t belong to anyone because you belong to yourself- ordinary, familiar and homey. So what, if you’re ordinary? (does this stop you from eating great food, having true friends, or from enjoying your life?)

Just remember, when no one sees you, He sees you and He knows you, that closely you’re not just a dot- you’re a butterfly. (or a lion, or a mermaid, or whatever you decide to be)