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I want this down to earth, helpful, nice and diligent type of man. He got my attention online but yeah, it’s just admiration and I’m in the way of forgetting him completely. So if you’re reading this, I have realized you deserve much more so don’t ever settle for less nor be swayed by your high surges of emotion.

I learned that I must not demand for standards, instead I should be the standard that is beyond what this earth would seek for.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

That’s why I’m counting on you to own it. I still want God’s plan, always, that I hope you will forever stand with it. In your earlier years, you’ve been hurt by those inconsistent immature ninjas so why again now? right?

Again, what’s for you will come unexpectedly, not caused by force. What’s for you will always have its way. Let that sink in.

You have to respect God’s best timing because I believe it will always be and exceptionally orchestrated to bring the best of us knowing that he is gracious in the things we never asked for.

I hope you’ll get found by the man who matches your principles, values and perspective you will never ever fall into the trap even just once. I pray that God will lead you the way in being the woman His man is looking for.

I strictly looking forward that you’ll never ever get broken by a wrong man. Well then, that’s my top favor for you! please.

I want you to know that we’ll get there to who God wants you to be—a strong independent and substantial kind of woman.

Life is so hard now, I know it’s much harder in your time that’s why I know God will equip me today so that it will somehow lessen the burden in your place right now. I hope you’ll find the fuel to thrive each day with your greatest why. For sure, you’ve gotten enough blessings. As long as you’re trying in life, career, faith, girl, you’re doing a good job. And that is something to be cherished by your younger self today. I’m really proud of you.

I declare that You’ll keep winning in God’s name. Hoping the best and success to you! My future strong independent self.


Young thriving self

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