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Madami satin ang sobrang sabik na magkarelasyon and I know some of you are fantasizing right now the ideal man/woman that you are waiting for. Yung iba sa inyo are starting to set up your standard like “gusto ko may leadership tas matured, ung maraming disciples at God centered”. I’ve seen a lot of Christians fall short of this thing called “Relationship”. Many of us fails in this area of life and I know paextinct na ang mga taong talagang ipinepreserve ang sarili sa future hubby/wifey nila but don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning anyone for their failures. Let me share this true to life story of myself and how I discover the necessity of finding your worth. I was been a victim of depression for almost 4 years before and like you I’m also have my dream relationships and fantasies. Gusto ko yung may gift of counselling, gift of leadership, yung may disciples, yung may Lord sa buhay, yung active sa ministry at kung ano ano pa na kulang na lang mapuno ko na ung isang 1 whole sheet of paper sa dami ng gusto ko but suddenly all fall short apart when I had my emotional breakdown. Due to strong triggers ng anxiety ko at stigma, I literally drown to my loneliness. I knew to myself that I have to get up from this mess and one of those things is to learn how to love myself. Many people today, they find relationship as the thing that will make them whole, but know this, it was all a lie. Relationship was never been a “panakip butas” to see your worth and I’ve seen many Christians fall short of this. I know most of us still have struggles with your past and if you have that kind of struggle take your time to be restored in God. Di mo naman kailangan magmadali, dadating naman yan sa right time ni God. In my age, I know to myself that I must start worrying kasi wala pa si the one but you will realize suddenly, how can you love someone if you don’t even know how to forgive yourself from being rejected by others, if you still live in your past. Well, that realization strikes me very hard. Learn how to enjoy your season of being single because it is the season where you have to make yourself whole, to discover your worth. Treat yourself with the things you wanted to buy, food you wanted to eat, and do the things you wanted to do. Learn how to have “me time” with God. Hindi ginagawang sagot sa kalungkutan ang relasyon. To all singles out their enjoy your season, enjoyin mo p ung season mo na wala ka pang kahati sa sweldo, sa season mo na walang magbabawal sayo, sa season mo na hawak mo ang buong oras mo at sa season mo na malaya ka pang gawin ang lahat. Don’t forget to find your satisfaction to God first not to find it in relationship.

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