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>Carry what you can only carry..the lighter the better
>Don’t be too fast…you’ll get easily exhausted
>Focus on your path but don’t forget to enjoy the view
>Breathe.Take rest if you must! Never feel guilty about it
>Sometimes your ahead of them.. sometimes you have to follow..
>Be calm and patient if it’s rocky and rough and muddy and slippery ..walk slowly but surely                              >Wait for your turn..
>Complaining won’t help..
>Your comfort is as important as theirs
>Respect someone else’s silence and privacy
>Your words can make or break someone else’s day..be nice
>Seek help only if needed.. give help if you can
>If you think it’ll be helpful, share your knowledge &give advice, but keep in mind that it’s still theirs to decide
>Some things work for you but not for them
>Learn from your mistakes…and their mistakes, don’t do it again as much as possible
>Don’t take it too seriously..learn to loosen up and have fun
>Laugh out loud!
>Try doing something unusual and scary, it’s fulfilling
>It’s a great feeling to smile to strangers
>Appreciate small things..
>No matter how many times you stumble or slip up, you can always get up and get back on track
>It’s a never ending journey, it’s one destination after another
>It’s a series of ups and downs, so savor the in betweens
>Not every opportunity is meant to be grabbed,
most especially if you know that you’re not ready for it
>Cherish each moment because most of the time you wouldn’t pass the same way again..
>People come and go..it’s up to you how you want to be remembered
>There’s still a ray of sunshine on a foggy and cloudy day
>To have a heart to heart talk with God while gazing at his creation is👌

We may have read or heard some of these lines all our lives but we seldom realize their true meanings, until we experience the impact.

>Kapag sinadya o di sinasadyang masaktan ka, wag mong gantihan ang iba..wag mandadamay 😂