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Being a fatherless never made me think that God left me without a future.

My grandparents, aunt & uncle took good care of me and my brother since my parents separated.
At the age of eight, i realized that every centavo that my relatives spent in me had an equivalent expectation had to fulfill. I can still remember when I was in elementary, before i do my assignments had to finish first the assignments of my two cousins. I also do household chores before I sleep. Never did a day passed without me asking God “Why me at this very young age?”

I obey them but inside of me was hating them. I hated my parents and can’t forgive them for what happened in our family. For many years have passed, I rebelled to my mother. I disobeyed her without me thinking of those hardwork she’s doing for us. I became bitter and selfish. I just think of what’s best for me and didn’t care of what others will feel. I’m so insensitive. I view my life as a mess.

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Then I encounter the Lord, that there was someone whose willing to die for me, for my sins. May 4,2011, I decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and savior,I feel I was forgiven and so learn to release forgiveness to my parents, I learned to value and thank my relatives for the discipline they instilled in me, because deep in my heart I know that God has something in store fo me.

Becoming a christian help me deal with life difficulties and hardships. With each growing task and responsibility, my relationship with Him became stronger. In the face of hardship, i work with it while trusting Him that all of this would came to pass.

My experiences in my childhood have taught me to be strong, firm, & wise in decision making. My life is a mess but God turn it into message.

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