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Hun, you will bloom. Yes! you will.

“to all the people who is nearly giving up. Tired of waitinh. Losing hope in life, i’m telling you. Like a flower, you will also bloom.”

Tired of waiting? Losing hope? Yes, we all go throught that. I as well is really tired of everything. School, home, Church and even I myself, was tired of the things myself is making. I’m tired of seeing how my works didn’t made a change. How my works is not that fruitful. How people would just dump it. I was so tired, really tired of waiting for my season. I know you are as well.

But, little do you know, there is someone who is appreciating you. You just didn’t notice how grateful he is for you. Seeing you work hard with something makes him so happy. Because he knows that you believes in him. Even though there is so many rough times around you, you trusted him. You manage to see things in a different way. You look on the positive.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You made a choice,

You trusted him,

You believe in him,

that it may be hard this time

but you will bloom in time

and that will be the best part of your life.


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