You came to me unexpectedly. I never anticipated that one day, someone like you would make my heart flutter again. We were almost best friends. I could tell you everything. Without secrets, without hesitations, without limits. I opened up my heart to you. It feels so good, yet I feel so afraid. But I chose to continue and enjoyed every moment, without thinking about how it will end.

I find myself thinking about you in the most random situations. Every single day, I was reminded about you. The thoughts of you are hard to eliminate. So, I began to realize then that I am already attached and it’s hard to go back to the way we first were. It’s hard, I know. But I have decided to take a bold risk.

Too bad, my feelings were not enough for you. You were not ready to love me. Friendship is the only thing that you could offer. I was broken down into pieces. I always smile and hide the pain away. I could not show it. How would you understand the pain that I have felt? Imagine that I was heartbroken for being attached with a friend? I guess this is the end. I’m done with keeping my hopes us. I’m tired of dreaming about you. You must have not known how hard it was for me. But believe me when I say that I understand why you have changed.

We were not the same as before. I understand the gap between us. I understand why you have to keep a safe distance. I understand that it is not me. Maybe you know that I was hurt, but I wish I could turn back everything and chose friendship before my own desires. But I learned to let go of my regrets. Now I understand why it happened. I was glad that I took the risk. Now I know that we are not on the same page. I understand if you would turn away. Sorry for feeling this way. Sorry if I was fragile. Sorry if I loved you. Thank you for making my heart beat again. Even if it still brings me pain, I will make sure that whenever our paths would cross, I would manage to keep a smile on my face and stay the same.