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She’s tired. She’s tired of loving you, understanding you. She loved you however she already had enough. She was hurt being your best friend, being taken for granted, being everything that she could be. You used her. You promised her everything, however, where are those promises you made? it has already turned into a lie. damn you for hurting her, damn you for taking her for granted, damn you, for using her just for your temporary happiness. She spent all of her time, effort and feelings just for you. even if she’s tired, she managed to look for time just in case you needed her. while you, enjoying her company, using her? damn you cause she chose you over those suitors better than you. she can afford everything so you used her. she became stupid just because of you. You don’t have relationship with her but you act like she is yours. you get jealous of her suitors, how could you? how could you show interest with her even if you don’t want to catch her? You left her like she is nothing to you. still, she looks after you. You made her feel like she’s ugly, she’s not worth it. you made her feel bad about herself, you made her feel like she doesn’t deserve to be loved. you’re so mean. despite of that, she still loves you, she still looks after you, she’s always there, she supports you no matter what you’re decisions are. she’s always by you’re side even if she’s hurting deep inside. even if you’re already committed from the very beginning. so don’t blame her for putting a distance on your friendship. she just respect you and you’re the relationship.

now, I hope that SHE, knows her worth. she’s trying to move on so just let her go.

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