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There are moments in life that we go through a phase where we chase people or run after them even if they didn’t have any intentions to stay or return our feelings mutually. Yung pinikilig at pina-fall lang tayo pero bigla na lang naglaho or tumakbo palayo. Tripple ouch, di ba? The One that Got Away ang peg nila.

Those times when we tend to forget about our pride, and self-worth. We chase them and make them see we are worth loving and our feelings for them are worth it.

But they never did. Some of them never would. It’s not like any of your favorite k-dramas when the girl started to turn away, the oppa will come back and chase her.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

So, stop chasing after them. Chase after yourself, instead. Love yourself even more, love and appreciate those people around you, build yourself up, and most likely, chase after your dreams, and make them your reality.

The person who would truly love you would come at the right time, and season. The one whom you will never have to chase after because he/she won’t run away in the first place.

Again, do not chase after them. Chase after yourself, and your dreams first.

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