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The first few months look like they were here to last.

We have so much time to spend with each other although we knew that it was me and you between the screens of our phones. There was distance in between us but we wanted to explore the probabilities of us. I ate butterflies for breakfast because you’re the first thought that kept me up with motivations.

We were happy and that I knew I made the right decision of slowly trusting my heart to beat once again. You introduced me to your family and even to your students. You assured me that you’re glad about my existence and that you found someone who meets you on the same line. But I guess, just like the seasons, people change. So as the things we thought that was there for us to stay forever.

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Slowly, the hours of phone calls reduced into minutes until your name stopped popping on my call logs. Suddenly, there were times when you were too cold that I didn’t know how to mend and bring us back to our old shape again.

And perhaps I was too blinded to the idea of me finally having someone who will help me forget my untold history. I never realized that you’re still stuck. You’re still planted from the past.

You’re still sad and has unresolved issues with yourself. I found out that some parts of you were still hanging and clinging to those.

Probably, you could never move forward together with someone who’s still haunted by his past,

 by the words he never shouted to everyone but was taking most of his sanity away.


And I wanted to thank you for your honesty.

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