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I was introduced to Boiling Waters by a friend of mine. I thought that this seems to be a good place to share my thoughts and feelings. I wrote this piece at 2 am wondering if people ever stay or are we all just passers-by…

When walking in a street, you brush shoulders with strangers

Sometimes, you look them in the eye

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Sometimes, you avert their gaze

A smile, a nod, a bow, a brief hello, a goodbye


Maybe that’s just how life is,

People aren’t meant to stay

They’re just passing by

Hello, How are you? And then goodbye


Some people, catch your attention and then you start talking

Exchanging experiences, engaging in deep conversations

Confessions and laughters

You start learning each other’s quirks and weird ways


Some people, you wished they stayed

Bargaining for more time

More laughter, more random out of the blue questions

But life says, no, they’re just passing by


There were no regrets though

You were meant to laugh or cry together

You were meant to learn their taste of music and add it on spotify

You were meant to catch each other’s eyes


Oh how I wish, some of them stayed

But no, life says, they’re just passing by

So you look back at the memories, you smile, you wished they stayed,

And then you hope for their healing, their happiness and then once again, you say, goodbye.


Who’s to stay? That I do not know

Are people really just passersby?

I sure hope not all

Maybe tomorrow, in the future, I cannot tell? I really hope someone stays.

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