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I have finally learned that loving have to be patient in everything,
Because when I started to finally love you, we already have our entire life to spend with.
I have finally learned to expect nothing from what I have given to you.
I have learned that while loving you, I have to complete every pieces of my heart and make it whole again.
I have learned to bear at any pain you caused.
I have learned to save time for our future plans that wasn’t sure of.
I have learned to open a closed doors.

And as time passes by and none of your trace was nowhere to be found, I realized that you already leave me hanging while keeping this thoughts in myself… what have gone wrong?

I finally realized that patience is not for the love I made, it is for myself to be patient in love.
I finally realized that my time is important, not for you but for myself to spend love for.
I finally realized to expect nothing to everyone except for myself.
I finally realized that loving someone else doesn’t makes us whole, but it is the brokenness of a heart and the pieces of it that makes us.
I finally realized that bearing pain from you doesn’t make me stronger.
I finally realized that I have to spend time to think of the things I will be sure of.
I finally realized that closing doors isn’t enough, so I build walls.

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