Lord, I knew that you love me ever since.

But, can you love me even more?

My whole body feels empty.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

It seems my whole being is not existing anymore.

Can you please love me harder?

even I am sinner,

even I am not your perfect daughter.

even I am not good, lovable, and brainy?

Lord, can you embraced me now?

Because no one is there to embrace me, and it’s really been a long time since I felt that kind of warm.

Lord, can you let me be worthy?

Can I even more worthy than to anyone?If I can, I pray to be like that also.

Lord, can I also be loved by someone I cared about?

because, it was always one sided.

Lord, can you give me people who were thankful for having me?

because, everyone seems are taking me for granted.

Lord, can you please give me reasons to love myself?

because people are always looking to my imperfection.

Lord, can you bother to check on me at-least?

Because, I am the one who always cares to everyone, yet no one is checking on me.

Lord, can you be my side?

because, my heart is bursting, tearing and breaking.

Lord, can I be born lucky like the others?

because, It’s really difficult to live now with so much discrimination.

Lord, can I be born smart?

being knowledgeable is the escape to difficulty.

Lord, can I be born wealthy?

because, being influential can also buy people and opportunities.

Lord, can you make me believe in you even more?

because my faith seems fading.



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