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You are only born once but you die multiple times in a lifetime.

When we fall in love, our minds are faster to travel into the future than time itself. There is the tendency of imagining things that will be, in the future. Like how are you gonna celebrate your first month or anniversary together, when are you gonna get married, how many children do you want with your partner. You always feel like the current relationship you have will be the one. You reject the possibility of you and your partner breaking up. You see, heartbreak is the loss of the life we thought we’re gonna have; and the loss of life is death. We die because we traveled through time inside of our minds a life that is too perfect even to the extent that you did not consider any conflict in the relationship when you’re in this delusional peak of emotion you thought was true love; but true love is nothing like this.


While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

There is this story about a character in the anime series called Naruto, his name was Uchiha Itachi. This story was not portrayed in anime, just a mangga written by kishimoto’s accomplice Takashi Yano. In that story, Uchiha Itachi used his sharinggan to give his girlfriend, Uchiha Izumi, a perfect life with him. In that genjutsu, they spent their lives together with a perfect harmony and they get to have children and Izumi died in thanking Itachi for the life they have spent together, even though it’s all under the genjutsu.


Now, in real life, people do not have genjutsu, it’s not real but somehow some people has fallen into the trap of looking towards that perfect life that will never in any logical reality, happen. Have you fallen into a genjutsu just like this? Are you under a genjutsu right now? Is your partner a ninja?

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