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William Shakespeare once said”love is not love if it alters when its alteration finds“(sonnet116).Β Yes she can wait for you,she think.it’s better to have you when you already reached your dreams and become the person you want to be. Don’t ask her until when because for her she can wait forever if you’d say you’ll be there too. Rest assured that she can keep her loving eyes only for you. She will not give up everything that she have just to have you because for her it’s better to have everything she wants and that includes you. She can’t be happy with another man because it’s been years and she’s still into you. She can’t imagine her self being with another man because for her you are all she need. There were times that she messed up but you chose to hold her at her worst and stayed. But she’s unfair because she went to have you at your best and it’s breaking her heart seeing you at your worst. But then wherever you are she’s still willing to meet you whether at your worst or your best, she’ll meet you there. They say the only constant in this world is change, yes her love for you will change because love grows and she want to grow with it. How about you?are you willing to grow with it too?

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