Slap me! Please literally slap me when I need to open my eyes into the reality that I have nothing to boast.

I tend to be prideful and selfish at times without knowing it. Please let me be aware of my mistakes. Slap me with words if I needed to hear it to stop what I am doing.

I do rush things when I am angry and irritated. But please pull me to stop it when you feel like I am near in doing it. If you need to slap me literally, just do it. I can’t promise that I would not shout at you or slap you back but please allow me. Surely, I will reflect on what I did. I hope and I pray that God will give me that discernement to apologize and be grateful of what you did.

I know that you will not always be at my side to stop and rebuke me. But I will always be thankful to God that I have a friend like you who is not afraid to correct me even if there is a chance that I will hate you.

Time will come that I will be greatly thankful of what you did because you have shown that tough love that everyone needs.