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lowly, feelings were gone
Slowly, it dissipated like a vapor
Slowly, Normal, her heartbeat becomes
Slowly beginning of our ending has come

Is there any chance?
Even a little, just a little
You ask her thrice, twice, once
Please just give me one last glance
’til all the heartaches you have be gone

She told you, sorry, there’s no way
Chances were already away
She doesn’t care at all
That’s because you just watched her fall

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Down to her knees and cried
All the tears, pain and brokenness, they died
Now that she made up her mind
In feelings she’ll never rely

The heart’s really deceitful
GOD’s embrace had become the best comfort
She’d let go and let God do the remediation
Moving forward, getting stronger with no bitterness at all

She’s totally fine now!
Free from despair
The confusion.
The cry.
The grief.
The pain.
Time heals
Time tells
Time is a form of GOD’s grace
And that HE always makes everything beautiful in HIS time.

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