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Eversince I decided

To go and left you just like that

I find it hard to lift this pen

Take out the cap

And just write to my heart’s content.


I wonder how could that be

When everything I wanted to write

Is about you.


And when you asked me

to write for you

One last time

I laughed bitterly and silently uttered:

All you want is one but guess what?

I could write for you forever.


But I don’t think you need that

Coz your heart longed for that

Someone who isn’t me

And will never be me.


But then I don’t want to be her

And be just a  poor replacement

But then there are moments I wondered

If she didn’t go away

Will I ever be in your way?




But I gotta accept the fact

That no matter how much

You asked and beg me to stay

Still, I couldn’t

Not because I don’t want to

But I have to.


And it’s hard battle to win

When you don’t even know

Which side you’re in


When your brain says leave

While you still can

While your heart says stay

Where it makes you happy



But then life is a choice

Wherein you need to decide

And you’ve got to make one

No matter how hard it is



Whenever the thought of you

Crosses my mind

I keep on telling myself

You think about me yes,

But not as often as I think about you

You miss my company yes,

but not as terribly as I miss you

You care about me yes,

but not as much as I care for you.


And that is the thing

That keeps me going

And stop me each time

I almost turn to get back to you

Is the fact that I would never settle

To be someone’s I don’t know.




















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