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The first time I saw you,
I thought to myself
Is he one of the Campus Missionaries?
Oh yes, maybe from Region 12.

But the next day I knew,
you’re in Section Yankee too
Then I got to know you
As time goes through.

I was getting ready to dress up
While you’re still into your breakfast cup.
Our eyes met, like it was saying something
But I know, that time, I was just all assuming

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You’re in blue sleeves of great finesse,
While I am in my simple not-so-white dress.
Our TBL back then was primary
Cultivating self-image with Mr. Bayate.

The seats were rearranged, in order to put an aisle
Then you moved yours, and it came nearer with mine
My heart skipped a beat as you glance and smile.
You did sit beside me, and you just look so fine.

In our Intermediate TBL, you’ve shown your vulnerability
I can see your heart, your passion, your concern for the ministry
You were in tears and I just want to give you a hug
But failed to lend you anything-even a pat on the back

Your competence was just explicitly shown.
Under the mentoring of our very own Kuya Ron.
Plus you’re voice is so great, I can’t help to appreciate
You’re a beautiful creation, the Creator shall be praised!

Those little precious moments, I didn’t recognize
Not until after the examination night.
Fragments of memories from my Specialized,
I hand-carried it in my 5J312 flight.

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