Stop spending your time too much on pleasing people.
Stop caring too much about other’s opinion.
Stop making nonsense judgement to yourself.

Just stop.

It doesn’t help.
It doesn’t make your situation any better.
The most cruel thing we do is when we degrade ouar own worth.
We feel useless and we allow unhelpful things to define us.

You are more than what you have achieved in life.
You are more than what the people said about you.
You are more than the labels that were made to you.
You are more than just a person who make a living.
You were mean to live a life and have it even more abundantly.

So when you are still caught up with the thought of you being not enough, STOP.

Stop and begin to learn,to rise up, and experience what truly living is about.
To know your worth and stand for it, is a very powerful thing you could do to help yourself.