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It took up so much of my years.

I was stranded upon my hope that my feet won’t allow me to take me to the wrong places. Nobody came worthy enough to change that. I conditioned my heart that I will never let the wrong ones in again. Never again.

But suddenly, someone showed up in the picture and that it gave my heart the confusion. The thoughts of him somehow gave me a different heartbeat that was familiar. Perhaps, it was the sense of comfort that I used to feel before. You —above anyone else gave me a reason why I should allow myself to trust again. You changed so much of the things I used to convince myself not to allow anyone to break it.

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The reconnection of our friendship gave me a good shed of light to accept that everything that happened in my past and the things that never happened between me and him were here for a reason.

You suddenly made me realize that I don’t need to break my walls or allow my fragility to crumble it down. You showed to me that you could take the ladder and make your way inside.

Virtually talking to you gave me comfort. You returned my long-lost excitement of love.

You made me feel that it was nice trusting the world again.

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