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I saw a note from the planner you gave me that says,
” I promise to love you no matter what, and I’ll stay as long as you want me to..”
I remembered having this conversation with you. When you told me to stand by my words,
‘Coz you’ll stay whatever it takes..
But what really caught my attention is the latter part –
“I’ll stay as long as you want me to”
Yes, I forgot that line.. coz what I was really trying to prove all this time is the 1st part of the promise-
“to love you no matter what”
…to the point that I almost forgot my worth.

I still tried to hold on to your promise, though I was blinded of your sudden change..
though you kept on pushing me away..
though you made me feel that my presence isn’t needed anymore..
though you already gave up on me..
and though these things are obvious, I was so stubborn to accept it.
I was so afraid to lose you, that I lose myself..

‘Guess it’s time for me to say goodbye..
Not because I don’t love you anymore but I have to love myself more..
I know that I would still be thinking of you and I would still be missing you everyday but I have to accept the truth that’s infront of me..
that loving you isn’t enough
that sometimes promises are just words..
that I am no longer the reason of ur happiness (guess I never really was)
that now, I’m just a nobody..
that maybe we are bound to become strangers again..
that your love isn’t meant to stay..
&that you no longer want me to stay either..

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