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I want to explore the folds of your brain
Learn about every book you’ve read
Meet there every man you quote

I want to embrace all of you
On some days Dr. Jekyll, on some Mr. Hyde
On most days, my sanctuary

I want to know of your pain
Dry it up as if it never existed
Replace it with a smile you’ve never known

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I want to understand your stories
Savor our moments of stillness
As I attempt to be fluent in silence

But until we cross paths again
I will be missing those soulful eyes
Be missing that hearty laugh
Be missing the girl i am with you

To: Lolo Chowking
From: _bluishmoth_


Sometimes a connection is not what it seems. You also have to discern if effort is one sided. It is not easy to detach, but sometimes you just have to. For yourself. For you to put effort into more important things.


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