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Most of us would want to immediately get rid of the pain we feel. It is a heavy burden we want to unload from our shoulders because it hinders us from the things we usually do and affects our state of being.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Be patient.

It will take time. It is a battle you need to win against yourself. You are equipped with the weapons but you need to have the determination to go through the process and fully heal.

Definitely, you will ask a lot of why’s and play detective to gather the most satisfying answers you wanted to get. You will be avoiding and denying the facts that ruined the relationship. But reality will hit you, with a cactus–on the face. This is when you will realize how painful it really was. So, you cry a bucket of tears to an ocean full of sorrows. But because you are just a human being, the pokmaru in you will try to save it and even beg for it kasi “sayang” Still, it will not work. You will get angry and you will hold grudges. Eventually you will grow tired of being resentful so you will choose a healthier decision and that is to accept it as it is. You will be left doubtful but the heart knows how to mend over time. You will learn and when you are ready again, you can always go back and charge it with experience. Remember that each person you meet brings you closer in finding that right one.

Be patient.

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