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Dear My Unanswered Prayer,

I know that you love someone now and all I can do is to move on. But I am happy to see you just the way you are as you walk away from me. Even sometimes, I just look behind not hoping for your comeback but for me to see how strong I am to just let you go. And yes I did it, we did it! Congrats to us because everything now seems into places though it is not as what we think or imagine yet but I am at peace that one day when I will see you again, not as normally as we look to each other, I can thank you enough that you gave up sooner. I am grateful that you let go of my hands so quick that I was able to comeback and balance once again. You gave me a glimpse of the man I want to be with for the rest of my days. You let me see life in a different way that is not all about getting what you want all the time but to know sacrifices are made and it is all worth it in the end. Thank you my unanswered prayer — yes for being one, I realized that there is really ONE for me, someday. Sadly, it will never be you but at least I learned a lot in everything we have been through. I wrote this just to appreciate your effort of not coming back again and now I can stand on my own and look forward for that day I will have and hold MY ANSWERED PRAYER. Yes! that I am totally whole again without leaving any piece of my heart to you. I want you to know that I am doing great and always thinking of those memories not to regret rather to be forever thankful in every moment I remember you.

You are not and never a mistake of my past rather a man of my past who helped me overcome my fear of losing, now here I am in my present still looking forward for my future. Yes, I can really say that God intended it for our good! Hope you can fulfill my last request, just remember the good old days with a smile on your face and a light heart, that this things are not for nothing but a great memories that will always remind us that things will be greater in the days to come.

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Thank you so much and God bless to your new journey without me!


Your Unanswered Prayer

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