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When I was younger my parents always reminded me not to go into relationship yet because once I graduated from my degree guys will surely fall in line just to get my attention. But now I am nearly 30s no guys asking me out nor falling in line just to get to know me. My family turns to “do not get boyfriend yet” to “when you are going to get married?”
I am sure I am not alone to this dilemma. Everyday we are pressured by the world as if we have expiration dates that we are only best before a certain date or age. We are surrounded with the thoughts of you must excel on your career but not to much because guys might be intimidated. We should have our “me” time, pamper yourself, treat yourself but not to much because guys will think your high maintenance. Explore more but again not to much because guys would think you are good on your own.
Everyday turns into battle of self-worth. Their are days that you feel so confident that you were well loved but most of the days you feel so blue, where you question your self-worth, did you catch all the bad luck in the world or maybe you were bad in your past life so now is payback time. Those were the days that you just want to disappear and to be swallowed in the ground.
Woman! Remember this despite those negative emotions remember you are not fast consumer goods that has expiration date. You are a fine wine stored and prepared long time. So doesn’t mean your alone now you are lonely and that’s the end game. Despite this agony of waiting learn to be grateful. The thought of God sustaining you everyday – keeping your head up and heart strong; that God gives you the provision of time and finance to maximize your life as an individual is something to be grateful for. Do not just pity yourself – move and do more. Maximize your singlehood, explore and do things you are afraid of you might love it or go to different places you haven’t been and build your relationship to God who is our ultimate lover. When the right time comes and our heart is already prepared, the man we are praying for will not be intimidated by you he will man-up because he will see you with your desires and passion. All you will say is it is worth the wait.

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