One day, you will stop dreaming about the person who doesn’t care. Time will come that you will forget all the lies. You will not remember the way he looked at you, the way he held your hand, and the moment he walked you home. You will understand that you somehow fell for the ghost you made out of him. Not the real him.

Someday, you will stop dreaming about him. You will be tired of seeing his face inside your head. You will be fed-up by the memory of the moment he first called you beautiful, or the moment you kissed under the stars.

One day, you are going to wake up in a beautiful sunrise, telling yourself, “It’s a brand new day!” Not just another day full of false hopes and fears. One day you are going to leave your bed. You are going to stop daydreaming about used-to-be’s, could-have-been’s, and what if’s. One day you’ll say you’re worth it. You will go out and tell yourself you are ready to taste life once more.

Be hopeful that you will stop holding on to the invisible rope linked to your reveries. And you’ll realize that holding on have never made sense. One day you will stop wanting happily ever after with him.

One day you will be at peace… Because that day will come and you will find yourself not thinking of him. You will find yourself talking about him with your friends like he’s just a beautiful memory, or a beautiful place that gave you temporary happiness. Or maybe you will not talk about him with your friends anymore because he would not matter at all.

Even though you will never be normal and even though you have become strangers with memories, time will come that you won’t mind. He is special, but that doesn’t mean he’ll remain special forever.

It will pass. Allow it to pass. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a chance to move on and love. You deserve the best things in life and please do know you’re amazing.

One day you will live and he won’t be a part of your life anymore. Hold on to that.