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You were someone that I didn’t fall for intentionally. For me, it was a coincidence. Yet, an experience that I would never trade for anything else. It was unplanned and unsure. My heart that was alone and lonely for a long time suddenly made a beat that was hard to defeat. I was happy and excited every time. Whenever I talk to you, whenever I see you, whenever I think about you. The picture of you appears on and on in my head. How could it be that it is always you that I see?

The crazy thing about falling for someone is that it is always unexpected. I guess it’s true because in the most unpredictable way, I fell for you. It was a short period of time, I know. But as I began to know you, your personality and being made me dream of you. Dream that someday, you could also begin to see me. See me as someone that is different and one of a kind. See me as something else. See me for me. See me as someone who is constantly ready to offer you the love that you deserve. But I somehow found out that I need to wake up from this dream. I have to face the reality that maybe we are not meant to be.

How could I let my feelings pass? Will it ever be easy one day? Knowing that the thoughts of you would never go away. To avoid you seems that I need to teach my heart to forget what I have felt. I know it will always be hard to do that, but I would unselfishly convince myself over and over again that this is for the best. I know that it would hurt that it feels like forever, but I would always choose myself. It could bring me pain in the long run, but this is what I have to do. I may not know how my feelings for you would pass, but trust me that soon, I’ll be over you.

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