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She’s that girl, a dark mystery
A maiden with a blood of royalty
She’ll charm you with her lovely smile
And fool you with her childish style

Her mischievious eyes would enchant you
Her untamed curls bears secrets yet won’t give you a clue
An angel from the depths of hell
Such beauty she has that I can’t tell

You’ll never know the enigmatic thoughts that runs in her mind
She may be violent and cranky but someone like her you’ll never find
A princess with a loving heart but not weak
She has that tough facade yet not apathetic

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Though darkness engulfed her she continues to bloom
Such joy she has despite she’s in gloom
A lady with a face that brings chaos to whoever falls for it
Yet believe me she’s a blessing you’ll certainly be glad to meet

God! How i adore her for the beauty she has that I see
One day she’ll be the best person she could ever be
I promise to look after her each step of the way
A guiding light that would never go away

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