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I know this may sound a bit pathetic, but I will continue to write anyway.

I believe this is not just for me, but for all the women who were left behind by someone they thought would stay at the end.

For me there is nothing wrong for a woman who assumes for the things that she can see, receive and feel from a man, it might be her first time to experience those things (basta girl assumes at your own risk). There is also nothing wrong for a man who treats women like he is pursuing her (basta you make clarity in every intention you have for her,wag kang pa-fall). You know what’s wrong? Both of them cannot express what they truly feel for each other. One is afraid of losing someone, the other one is afraid of what people might say about them. Well, this is just for my own opinion. Maybe that’s the reason.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Until the day comes, that all ambiguity turns into clarity. This is the day that all the “what ifs of the woman will turn into “that’s what I thought from the very start”. This is the day that the man is not yet man enough to really say his true feelings, but to just let things pass at this time. 
Both of them are not yet brave enough.   

Both of them are broken.
Both of them right now are living with full of regrets.
But both of them are also thankful, thinking that all these things happen for a reason. A reason that will change their perspective and increase their faith.

The woman now became stronger, stronger than ever. She will build a wall again around her heart.
She might be broken today, but still she is thankful. Because she knows that in every brokenness there’s a blessing.

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