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H- Hi~…
It’s been a really long time now huh?
How have you been?
I guess… you’re doing great and I’m wholly happy about that.
Hope you’ll be fine in the future too.

Don’t give up!
Your plans… your dreams… and your passion no matter how hard it is, okay?
Whatever hindrances and obstacles you’ll face I know you can overcome them.
So you have to believe in yourself.
And also please bear in mind that I’ll always be cheering for your success.
If you fail, I will be there for you, so don’t you worry.

I remember this…
The first time I met you, “Uwa~ What a very loud person this girl is, sooo~ troublesome!” I thought.
You literally shouted as if there was no teacher beside our classroom.
And even ran in the hallway while wearing your 5-inch high heels with your best friend while laughing out loud, nostalgic isn’t it?
Unknowingly, that’ll be the reason why I’ll fall for you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Truth to be told, I want to dance, too… like how you love it before and until now.
I’m thinking sometimes that I wished I also knew how to dance, so I can do it with you.
I dreamt of holding your hands, lift both of our arms, slide our feet while we’re dancing as if we are one.

You… unknowingly… give me courage.
You are the reason that I still keep on going.
As a matter of fact, I already gave up, “I’ll just let myself move forward using this hatred.” Or so I thought… cause one day you said, “Keri lang…”
Encouraging words, it moved my heart and tears literally came out of my eyes without me noticing it.

I’m truly sorry!
For telling you all of these things now but you know…
No matter how many years may have passed I won’t ever forget your cute little smile that brings light to my life.
How your sweet voice calls for my name is like melody to my ears.
How soothing and graceful your dance is on my eyes.
How mesmerizing your penmanship is.
How you once hold my hand, that took a couples of years in my life.

I really… really… really want to know you more.
What face you make when you’re asleep.
How do you look like when you blushed.
Oh! and I really wanna have a taste of the meal you prepared.
And I’ve been wondering if you can ride a bike while wearing your 5-inch high heels.

But I know you’re happy now that’s the reason why I’m keeping these feelings, for now.
And also I can’t bring myself to tell it to you.
I don’t have the courage to do so…
I’m not ready yet…
and I’m still building myself as the perfect man you dreamt of.

I’m pushing myself to its limit because right now I’m still so far from enough.
I decided to do so because you’re a strong girl and super cute too.

I’m sorry!
If I can’t move on like what everyone’s expecting.
I just can’t shake off my feelings for you.
I can’t move on like what I’m telling myself for these past few years.

I won’t give up!
Hoping that one day I will be the one.
The one who will lift your white bridal veil.
I don’t believe in destiny but if there is one, I pray that it destine you to me.
I don’t know if I could be perfect without you cause…
I truly love you… for quite a long time now.

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