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One of the most breaking feeling

Holding nothing to cause the falling

Crying over a relationship never existed

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Wishing an end, though never started


From the top I jumped not mindful of the bottom

Waiting your eyes to catch the fall, I succumb

Goping with idiocy in emptiness and darkness

Walking on it I continued guessing


That one day I might forget

I caused myself the pain I felt

Standing by on a road of uncertainty

Looking forward you’ll pass, just pass

Stop over is never a reality but a dream


I’m here, my half is at stake

Will God whisper to you to tell me the answer? 

Afore long journey will make

Will He tell you to tell me to quit or to wait? 


The longest road I’ve been

Thinking the farther I walk

The further I could lose heart

Not bringing back the feeling

Not remembering how it feels to be hanged


I lack the courage to stab my own heart with a dagger

To stop my heart from beating

Beating with fear, cluelessness and with wishing

Now I know how to endure it

Until God’s time come to cure it


I wish you know

I wish you know that I love looking at you

Your voice is one of my favorite sound on earth

Your smile is one of the loveliest picture I have in mind


Your spirit is one of the lightest aura I felt

Your anger is one of the sincerest affirmation I saw

I’m falling on your cliff

Yes! I chose to fall on your cliff


I wallowed the pain of hitting the hardest ground of yours

Maybe “almost” is not a success

But the bitterest failure

Maybe being just your churchmate is not an ample mistake


Yet it is the mistaken assumption of this bizarre feeling

Cause I’m standing on a friend’s zone

This situation is insurmountable


Loving you is not a failure

Actually it is the cruelest pleasure

It is the tantamount of immedicable wound


Take my other half

I’m leaving to you my other half

One day I might come back whole

And never invoke the brokenness to stop the tears to drop again


This love taught me how to make a rhapsody

Envisaging the phantasm of all the fantasies

I love you with all my best

Will you give me a rest?


Help me! I’m falling on your cliff

Yes! I chose to fall on your cliff

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