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Pain corresponds to freedom, freedom to start anew, forgive, laugh, sleep soundly, meet new people, learn something new, grow positively, appreciate what matters, self value, and not being a prisoner of your negative thoughts and emotions that idled the beauty you can share to others.

Freedom is a feeling that must be treasured after a painful battle, a clear vision of what you want to do, to be better version of yourself, keeping your sanity, no tears of sorrow but tears of full happiness, being at peace and free from what ifs, identifies which battle to fight, doing things according to the will of God, not insisting something to happen, but letting it happen and enjoy it, no more overthinking, no more moving in the same circle shouting the same pain, letting go and letting God.

The Gift that God gave me was freedom and I am now embracing it with full joy, I have learned a lot and I hope that the journey that lead me here will remain as good memories that will mold me to be braver, mature and faithful as I walk through the challenges of life, to prepare me for more battles that I will be facing along the way and never doubtful of my worth.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Never compromise your worth just to fit in to someone or anyone’s life coz if the person wants to be with you, (s)he will work hard to be in the same tempo just to get along without reasons.

Let go. He ☝️ knows who is best for you .

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