Everytime I lay my eyes on you:
I see what’s missing and what’s lacking,
I see what’s ugly and dirty,
I see an insignificant and foolish human being.

Everytime I touch your skin:
I felt your hurts and misery,
I felt your need but unable to provide it,
I sensed your hesitations and fears.

I wonder how long until I become capable.
‘Til I’ll know how to be responsible for the things you can’t control.
I wonder when I’ll ever be dependable that you’d trust me, for me;
That you’d hold onto my hand and continue on with this journey.

Yes, this journey of you and me.
You are my co-sojourner and co-signor in this business called life.
We both are in the department of learning, enjoying and seeking for more than what this world has to offer.
Things that are free but not easily attained.

Sometimes I hate you:
I hate your naiveté,
I fear your vulnerability;
And I don’t like how fragile you seemed to be.

But you see, everytime I see you I remember you are me.
I am reminded that you aren’t without me, and I am not, without you.

Reality hits hard that even when I am your worst enemy;
I can’t deny that I am able to love you unfailingly.
That even when all I want to do is bury your existence,
I also know that you’re more than able to come right out of the cemetery to haunt me.

I know you’re lacking a lot of good qualities.
I know you don’t pass this world’s standards.
I know you’re not the prettiest in the mirror of Cinderella’s wicked stepmother.
I know, I know.

But why would you hear other’s words right and yours wrong?
Why would you consider how others see you when you can see yourself true before your very own soul?
Why would you depend your identity on whatever and whatnot, from whomever when God has explicitly proclaimed you, His own?

Didn’t you know that even when you lack a lot of “good” qualities, that even when you’re perfectly flawed and sometimes too sensitive, YOU ARE LOVED.

You are loved by your family; know that you are even when you can’t possibly feel it right now.
You are loved by your friends; you eat more than your share or not, they’ll love you still!

You are loved by God; sinner or saint, but sinning is not a continual habit when you say “I love you too, God!”

So be you. Be beautiful. Because seriously, YOU ARE! 😘