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The world needs more of your kindness. Waking and getting up from bed can also be tantamount as survival. Living in a world where people have a long list of standards and qualifications, choosing to still go on and have a piece of kindness are what matters— that piece of kindness that never have any second thoughts of showing how you care, how you value and appreciate those who are around you and letting them know that their existence are valuable.

The world needs you to listen more. People may not tell you exactly how they feel but if you are going to listen more on their silence, you’ll probably hear them well. Unspoken feelings and unsaid thoughts will tell you that people nowadays are great actor and actresses. They know how to mask themselves well while hiding their pain, their loudest heart break.

The world needs a bit of your time. We are all busy having the time of our lives. We are on the comfort of making our lives better than the rest that we forget that others need us too, that they need someone to talk to in the middle of the night because they cannot bear the weight of the world or maybe they cannot comprehend the confusion of thoughts running on their minds. Sometimes we need to pause a little and take a break, just a little.

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The world needs you to spread love. No one is created perfect. We always have to be reminded that all of us are capable of making mistakes and we are all a work in progress. Let us always practice or at least try to see the good in people. We may be hurt, that’s inevitable. At the end of the day, it is as to how you choose to love after all, how you choose to love beyond imperfection and false judgments, decisions that are made by heart and less of ego.

The world needs you to continue striving. Life is hard, we all know that and sometimes, it can be unfair too. But the world needs you to continue living, breathing and existing. No matter how hard things maybe, how heavy your heart weighs, just keep on going. We may have difficulties along the road, pit stops, re-route, misadventures and mishaps, keep your head up high and know there are brighter days ahead waiting for you at the end.

The world needs someone like you — someone who continually conquering the hardships of life no matter how difficult situations maybe, someone who can be a light into a dark room full of doubts, confusion and uncertainties, someone who knows that there is more than what meets the eye and that someone who can share the warmth of their hands to people who feels like they have lost their paths.

The world needs you. The way you are, exactly. With no pretentions, with your masks off your face.

You are what the world needs. Believe that you are.

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