When a No is a Yes


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Love doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t choke—ain’t suffocating. Rather, love, in fact, is gentle. It will make you realize that you are worth much more than a gold; you are deserving of all sorts of happiness in this world. A priceless gem. One of a kind. It will always remind you of who you are, and of who you’ll be in the most beautiful way. It doesn’t keep record of your wrongdoings, but does choose to forgive you every time. Indeed, to love is not to lie down on a bed of roses, for there will be thorns and spikes ahead. Despite that, if you keep yourself connected with the person whom you truly love, you will keep choosing that person on and on—you will never run out of reasons to express your love.

There is no bad timing. Choose your battles wisely. Your past may not be forgotten, but it will push you to carry on. It will teach you to love yourself more, so that you can give and pour what you have later on. After all, the Lord’s plan doesn’t fail. Ever. He wants us to experience long-term breakthroughs. He is a God of all ‘bests’.

Here is another truth that slapped me: To lose it is not a loss. It is okay to walk away. It is okay to leave things behind. And it is definitely okay to cut ties. If it doesn’t work out, perhaps it is what it is. We cannot force something to work out if in the first place, it is not meant for us. It is enough to think that once in our life, we felt how to be loved. We felt how to be cared for. It takes so much gratitude to realize that a person can be an epitome of lessons in life. While it may sting so hard, that is the reality. That person isn’t meant to stay with us for ages—but is meant to reside just in our memories…for a very long time.

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