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In the generation nowadays, some people grow ignorant about who Jesus is, as a result, many of the said individuals have become slaves to sin and impurity. When we were kids, we were taught in our respective houses, on how to worship, pray and to connect with God based on their traditions. I consider ourselves so lucky, that our families are dwelling in such strength and faith, and due to this, we learned that there is an existence of a superior being that reigns over us. It is a priceless vast knowledge that cannot be replaced.

My love, we both grew up as childrens of believers, and this is precious to me to behold. Eversince I was a child, I have taught alot of things to ask in prayer, and for me the most relevant topic to pray about is my future husband, and so I made a list.  I admit that I was too reckless and impatient to God’s perfect timing, I have loved some men and let them take advantage of my feelings, these men were the ones that my mom warned me a lot of times. Men of ignorance of who truly God is, men who are so attached with the world that they seek approval of it, and men who desire lust over love. Because of terrible heartbreaks, I finally asked the Lord, when is He going to give me what I ask for? I was so reluctant to the face the truth and so I profoundedly became hateful to men.

After a short time, It came to me that the promise of God still lingers in my heart, as if God was telling me not to hate but do what is right. I replied back to Him and said, God, what is it that you will for me? Then He said to my heart, what is it that you seek? None of those men are the one for you, do you remember? You made a list. My soul hearkened to the reality, It was true. I did not ask for a man against His will, I asked for a man who is deeply rooted to His word, and so God will give me what I’ve asked for.

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Four months ago, God fulfilled a promise to me. A future husband, a man of righteousness and wisdom, a Godly and a man full of love. This was God’s promise, and it became my testimony. It is He who made it possible, and it is He who has blessed me. And in all of our ways we also do oath that we will glorify Him all the time and abide in His word, in all the days of our lives. In His favor and in His most precious timing, He will also bestow upon us our greatest petition, our marriage.

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