Love conquers all.


Lahat naman tayo mahirap mahalin, kasi wala naman perfect. But it takes a real and genuine love to cover all the imperfections and pain. It takes a strong commitment to love someone who’s broken. It takes a strong heart to still love someone who once hurt you. It is easy to say “I love you or Mahal kita” but until when? It is easy to say that you love that person, when everything seems so perfect, when things are convenient and fine.

1 Corinthians 13

Anybody can make your heart happy, but only God can placed a real joy in your heart. Anybody can make you feel special, but only God can make you feel that you are extraordinary.

I experienced how real love works, di lang pala siya basta basta, love gets deeper and deeper when we experience God’s love. Love is more powerful when you truly realize how much God loves you.

The love that you show to other people, is a result of your relationship with God.