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Now I’m gonna make you read something kind of less likely to talk about during these times of pandemic. Guess, what, it’s about future husband! 😆

When it comes to finding the right one, I learned how to have higher standards but first, all I should remember is,

Every day I should strive to reach God’s standards as a whole in my life whether at work, in self and in spirit. I have a standard, but God also got a standard for me.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I won’t enter a relationship unless,

  1. I confirmed he was God sent to me with a purpose of courting me and having a relationship with me. Don’t get confused, anybody out there might be God sent also, but with a different purpose.
  2. He must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually stable. Never again will I become a FIXER again. His flaws must be dealt with by himself first. It’s not a cute thing that I’m fixing what is supposed to be fixed by himself. About the stability, anybody can be financially stable or nice, it’s a bare minimum for a person to be nice. But I should go beyond this. I should see on a scenario wherein everything seems like falling apart and he’s calling to God for help rather than hearing him how he cursed his and our life together. This is the thing I would NEVER EVER wanted to witness again because I’ve been here countless times already. I’ve done this myself and it’s the worst feeling ever. Cursing my life is what I kept on doing when I was super spiritually unstable. I don’t want US helpless. I want US to acknowledge thay we have a Helper and a Father in heaven.

I’m glad that this cursing thing is one of the major things God has settled with me. Spiritual stability is much much important. It’s telling our hearts that if we have God, we have everything what we need.I

3.  I’m hundred percent sure I can see my future with him. Consistency, clarity and direction is the key.

4. Secured- who wants to enter a relationship where love and affection is doubted all the time? Or who wants to live in fear when you got a boyfriend who will soon leave you one day, who will destroy your life and make you worse? If this is what relationship means then I don’t want it.

5. Lastly, but the greatest of all, there should be GOD in his heart. I’m talking about Jesus occupying a big place in his heart, not just little part. If he loves God, then you can be sure he’ll be very careful not to hurt God’s valued princess. You will not only be just a wife in his eyes but sees you the way God sees you. A treasure not wanting to be lost, valuable to him and asking God the right way how to love you, beyond his own ways.

Ladies, don’t ever feel guilty for setting these standards. You know deep down what you really want past those labels. You know what you deserve. To a man who won’t even lift a finger to reach it, it will always be too much for him. But with someone God-sent, the right person, it is just a description of him, not a standard at all.

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